Exhibitions in 2014-18

Finding the goddess by Rachel Bailey – 8 February to 4 March

Rachel Bailey is an East London artist working mainly in textiles. Although her work is often of a personal nature it is informed by extensive reading of fiction, myth and fairy tale. Rachel is interested in uncovering the archetypes and mythic plot structures as they emerge in individual lives.

Treasures of the Deep by Gary Scholes: 11 January –  4 February 2018

This exhibition of recent paintings by Gary Scholes explores the symbolism of the creative imagination. Using the iconography of modern warfare, dream symbolism and referencing images from the popular culture of his youth, Gary’s aim is to illustrate the landscape of his own subconscious with a view to capturing and analysing those fleeting visual moments and hallucinations.

Red is Beautiful by Miyuki Kasahara: 1 December 2017 – 7 January 2018

Scientists predict that nearly every seabird (99%) would have eaten plastic by 2050 because of marine pollution. Global production of plastic stands at over 288 million tonnes per year, of which, 10% ends up in the ocean. Litter gets swept into drains, and then goes into rivers, and ends up in the sea.

At a previous exhibition the artist created a site-specific installation that depicted a flock of red-coloured birds flying over the ocean. The red colour was chosen because they were on the UK’s red-listed, most threatened with extinction. ‘Red is beautiful’, a Russian told the artist as the word ‘red’ in Russian, krasnyj is related to the word krasivyj or beautiful. If our actions make these birds extinct, it will not be beautiful. In Japanese, the word ‘red’ represents clarity, non-existence and truth.

Miyuki Kasahara is a Japanese artist based in East London. Her research examines the factors affecting the global environment, including that arising from politics and societal change.

Landscape by Emma Turpin & Duncan Pickstock – 2 to 26 November 2017

Both Turpin’s and Pickstock’s work reference the light, colours and forms that appear in the landscape. Their work is not illustrative or representational but takes its starting point from the natural world.

ADRIFT by Paolo Boccacci – 5 to 29 October 2017 

ADRIFT investigates the call of our primeval instinct by bringing together many disciplines: spontaneous architecture, sculpture, drawing, photography, environmental sociology and sustainability.  The installation queries the reactive nature of human beings in response to natural events in a non-life-threatening scenario where art (rather than survival) becomes a basic instinct.

The exhibition narrates a story of how an exceptional flood of the river Ombrone on the coast of Maremma in Southern Tuscany (Italy), in August 2015, inspired the locals to make three dimensional structures along 12 kilometres of coastline by using the timbers transported by the flood and discharged into the sea.

Unfinished street magic by Anna Jung Seo: 7 September to 1 October 2017

Anna Jung Seo’s paintings are developed from a fascination with the glimpsed, intimate moments between people which unveil the different layers of human relationships. The painter explores fragmented aspects of being to expose its vulnerability from short or repetitive memories of daily life in the streets. Anna is a Korean born artist based in London. “Unfinished Street Magic” is her first solo show since completing Turps Painters Studio Programme in 2015/17.

Pictures from Alleland by Boris Born: 27 July to 13 August 2017

Boris Born is a German born artist based in London.   His paintings are abstraction, relating to both nature and the use of materials. He incorporates “found materials” along with the use of various types of paint.  Alleland: ‘Alle’ generally translates into ‘all-‘ and ‘everyone’ but also into: ’empty’, ‘used-up-‘ or ‘ burnt out-‘. ‘Land’ translates into ‘country’ or ‘land’. Alleland is where the end is over and another end has begun, where everything falls, where nothing can be understood, where there is no landscape and no life anymore or anything that can be understood as such.

Boris Born

In what way was I unique? by Sebastian Muscio: 29 June to 23 July 2017

Sebastian Muscio is concerned with the idea of originality and has developed a personal method of working, in which he re-considers the use of traditional ‘hierarchical’ composition. He explores repetition and accumulation as forms of composition and uses mechanical means to produce work, such as the use of patterns or grids, shielding off areas, and layering.

Ravel Sebastian Muscio small

Infoworks by Joanna Penso: 1 to 25 June 2017

Inforworks is a new body of site specific work by Joanna Penso looking at public access to information. She is particularly interested in the Stone Space for both its non-for-profit structure, and the curatorial format of artist-collective-as-curator. Once you remove the hierarchal issue of money, what curatorial considerations are taken into account? Set in this gallery directly beneath the public library in Leytonstone, this installation gives us an insight into what life might be like without freedoms such as freedom of press, freedom to protest and freedom of speech.

Infoworks penso

Counterpoint by Ivy Panesar and Philipa Day: 4 – 28 May 2017

A collaboration between two artists previously unknown to each other, utilises contrast of colour to create contradictory and varied emotional reactions. There are notable discrepancies in their work and method which creates a magical disharmony.

Strategic Plan by Juan Carlos Meana: 6 to 30 April 2017

Strategic plan is an installation that is part of a broader work which deals with identity tensions between the individual and society. It addresses the manipulation of economic and factual data which gradually erode the boundaries of personal freedom. Juan Carlos Meana is from Spain and has had many shows across Europe. Strategic Plan is his first exhibition in the United Kingdom.

Scenes from a Virtual Journal by Rose Parker: 9 March to 2 April 2017

Scenes from a Virtual Journal is a series of paintings by Rose Parker based on language collected from the Facebook posts of her grandmother’s travels in the Arctic Circle.

Crash course for the ravers by Barrie J Davies: 9 February to 5 March 2017

Barrie J Davies, born in Wales and currently based in Cardiff, has exhibited nationally and internationally for over ten years. His artwork uses a provocative, colourful psychedelic and humorous approach to expose the human condition: notions of success, money, glamour, love, death, sex, gender and religion are picked at with dry comedic use of tragedy meshed with absurdity. please-do-the-needful-by-barrie-j-davies-2016

The Face of Stuckism by E A Everall: 12 January to 7 February 2017

E A Everall is a founder-member of Stuckism, the infamous international ‘outsider’ art movement, perhaps best known to the general public for their ongoing Turner Prize demos. ‘The Face of Stuckism’ is an on-going project by E A Everall intended to create an archive of portraits of fellow Stuckists. For this exhibition, E A Everall is showing the portraits he has completed to date, which are painted in mildly heroic manner and are often accompanied by biographical notes and poems.


In-habitation: 3 December 2016 – 7 January 2017

In-habitation brings together a rich variety of media: digital, drawing, models and book art, all exploring the notion of built structure as a metaphor for the self and as a framework for belonging. Artists Helen Scalway, Claire Reed and Ali Clarke who have collaborated in thought and process over the last year, present thought provoking, engaging work on the themes of strength, fragility and belonging in ‘habitation’.


Re-pull: 3 to 27 November 2016

Re-Pull brings together the work of two artists, Michelle Avison and Claire Willberg, whose practice shares an interest in using the minutiae of the immediate environment to inform their work. Through observing, collecting and recording the urban and natural, and where they interconnect, they have built their own vocabularies of shapes, marks and textures that relate to their personal observations.



Borderlands: the Edges of Europe – 6 to 30 October 2016

Exhibition of photographs by Paola Leonardi representing the people and places along the borders of the European Union, developed with the purpose of creating an archive of images narrating life at the edges of Europe.


Among others: 8 September to 2 October 2016

A sculpture show by Eugene Macki presenting recent works that focus on the paradox of dividing and connecting.


Mutterboden: 21 July to 14 August 2016

An exhibition of paintings and assemblages by Sarah Arriagada and Silvia von Pock. Both artists take everyday household materials as their starting point, from cheerful textiles to discarded packaging and plastics, and create paintings that explore their visual, tactile and structural possibilities.

Silvia von Pock

Transition: 23 June to 17 July 2016

This show explores different perspectives on movement and transition by bringing together sculpture in wood by Alexandra Harley and drawings in ink and gesso on board by Alex McIntyre.


From Earth to Enigma: 26 May – 19 June 2016

From Earth to Enigma is an exhibition celebrating earth as a painting material and features paintings of the land as well as abstract works by the artist Karen Picton. Paintings shift between the land and abstract works from the artist’s interior landscape, while references to history and archeology reveal physical evidence of past lives.

Karen Picton

The Possibility of Everything – 28 April to 22 May 2016

Show by Peggy Cozzi, Jenny Pritchard, Nikki Taylor and Monica Thompson

The Possibility of Everything explores the role of process and materiality for each artist and encompasses shared themes and parallels between creative, psychological and environmental territories.


Skin deep – 31 March to 24 April 2016

Skin deep is an exhibition of embroidered and stitched pieces by Sally Hewett. Sally’s work is inspired by bodies: not conventionally beautiful bodies, but bodies which show their history, that have been altered by their experiences, that are decorated with scars, spots, stretch-marks, veins – bodies that have the marks of life on them.

Sally Hewett

Air Visions – 3 to 27 March 2016

In this show, Judit Prieto explores the ethereal and intangible nature of air. Inspired to create a series of new works taking her own perspective on air as an element, Judit works with oil painting and linocut.

Judit Prieto

Process and Preparation – 4 to 28 February 2016

Process and Preparation is intended to offer a tantalising glimpse of the wealth of work that will be on show around Leytonstone in July as part of the Leytonstone Arts Trail and provide an insight into the working methods of the artists taking part. The exhibition, which will include photography, animation, film, painting, printmaking and drawing, will present preparatory work alongside finished pieces to offer visitors the chance to view the varied techniques of experimentation and refinement employed by artists.

Section of Julie Caves's palette

Reworked perceptions by Mike Cox: 7 – 31 January 2016

Mike Cox’s acrylic paintings are of heads, nudes, figures, landscapes and religious or political subjects. Most attempt to investigate what is actually perceived compared with what is formatted into recognized memories. Others simply illustrate historical events that raise concerns, in a relatively conventional manner. No formal training in painting can be blamed.


Contours & Connections – 3 to 20 December 2015

Contours & Connections is an exciting and thought-provoking exhibition responding to our impact on the environment and how changing environs impact on our lives. The exhibitions brings Diana Burch and Louise Scillitoe-Brown’s work and ideas together for the first time as a visual conversation. Their work debates organic and man made change in our environment and reveals how one can mirror the other.

DesireLines II by Diana BurchRe-Purpose by LSBrown

Space between – 5 to 29 November 2015

Selected from an open call, the work on display goes beyond figuration and inhabits the space between perceived reality and abstraction. Artists include Sarah Arriagada, Hester Berry, Declan Driver, Susan Eyre, Robert William Jackson, Maria Kokkonen, Sam Mattacott, Alex McIntyre, Susan Petticrew, Julia Schewalie, Luke Walder, Jane Walker and Deborah Westmancoat.

December, Deborah Westmancoat

“SAMUEL NOT SAM!” by BENIGN SAMUEL: 8 October – 1 November 2015

“The lens is my paintbrush.” —B9.SAMUEL

Is photography art? Occupying the cusp of what is traditionally considered art, and photography, BENIGN SAMUEL’s “SAMUEL NOT SAM!” exhibition sets out to answer that question. You be the judge.


Sally Moore: You Never Can Tell – 10 September to 4 October 2015

‘Sally’s work displays an interest in,and a deep knowledge of, three visual art traditions, the Narrative, the Surreal and the Symbolic, marrying all together through her use of highly personal imagery. Her paintings are icons of magical realism. A story is being told that cleverly weaves the imagined with the real, the known with the mysterious. In making art she is making sense of the world and we, in viewing the work become part of the process, part of the drama.’ Keith Bayliss, Artist

Fish Out of Water

Fish Out of Water

Puppet Space – 25 June to 12 July 2015

This exhibition of puppets from the Little Angel Theatre and other makers is curated by Alice Stanley who is a member of local art collective CreativeBloc. Artists on display include Raven Kaliana, Judith Hope, Catherine Thomas as well as Alice Casey herself.


Town Lands by Adrian Eckersley – 28 May to 21 June 2015

‘Town Lands’ is about cities, particularly this city where we are living right now, often lost in the detail, often too wired-in to look around us. What does our city say about where we’re going, where we come from, who we are? These oil and watercolour paintings are part of making the spaces of the city less familiar, seeking its lost strangeness, celebrating its beauty and its triviality, its wonder and  terror.


Secret Stories by Carla Cerejo – 30 April to 24 May 2015

Carla Cerejo trained as a fine artist at the famous Lisbon School of Arts, exploring many directions that lead her to London. Loving the traditional way of making prints Carla has had a series of exhibitions showcasing her print work and paintings. Inspired by the eternal labyrinth of the mind, its thoughts, its ideas and its fantasies gave life to this collection of Secret Stories. The works in the show are oil painting on canvas with intricate stitching and include traditional printmaking on cotton paper in limited edition handmade by the artist. They were completed in her studio in Walthamstow.


Series by Robert Chaplin – 2 to 26 April 2015

Robert Chaplin lives and works in Walthamstow. His work as a painter throws a loose lasso around English and American modernism, especially where painterliness meets geometric abstraction. He is a colourist and a contourist. The ‘Series’ in this show follow three different themes and range over a wealth of different media (oil, crayon, pastel, pencil).


Reminisce by Carne Griffiths – 12 to 29 March 2015

Reminisce is a collection of original paintings in tea, ink and graphite by Carne Griffiths, alongside a series of limited and open edition prints. Much of the work created owes a great deal to the energy and creativity found in abundance in E11, its people and its fusion of urban and rural elements constantly inspiring and influencing the direction of Carne’s work.

Past collections

Incognito by CreativeBloc – 5 February to 1 March 2015

This group show ‘Incognito’ focusing on CreativeBloc artists’ response to the meaning of this word full of mystery. The artists taking part include  Elliott Ashton, Carne Griffiths, BENIGN SAMUEL , Hilary Douse, Mary Knight, Sarah Lowe and Natalie Blooms.

CreativeBloc Incognito

Debitum Naturae by Elliott Ashton – 15 January to 1 February 2015

Debitum Naturae is a show of photographs of adventures, digitally manipulated to the point of abstraction alongside original pen and ink drawings of a re-imagined Leytonstone.

“Life is a journey, and every journey is a story worth telling, are you the hero or the villain of your story? (some stories are a work of fiction)” 

a scattering of angels - debiuts naturae

‘Take your Time’ by Perpendicular – 4 December 2014 to 11 January 2015

Perpendicular’s installation is a secluded space filled with the sounds and scent that people often associate with gardens or woodlands. The collection of fabric cones hanging within the gallery at varying heights create an illusion of elevation and suspension.


CreativeBloc presents…Mark Halliley – 16 to 30 October 2014

The show by Mark Halliley is entitled Survivors. Mark’s work includes painting and sculptural reliefs using industrial and mechanical found objects. MarkHalliley1“I put my trust in the materials that confront me because they put me in touch with the unknown” (Robert Rauschenberg)

CreativeBloc presents…Devyani Parmar –  2 to 12 October 2014

Steal This Idea #1 2014: “Each square represents a pixel of my mind; each pixel has been extracted from my journals; each journal contains a majority of the ideas I have not been able to pursue; each idea I share with you.”

Devyani Parmar

CreativeBloc presents…Sarah Lowe – 15 September to 2 October 2014

Sarah Lowe is a local artist who has lived in the fringes of the East End for the last 20 years. Sarah loves both the suburban and more edgy urban mix that comes from living on the outskirts of a city like London and much of her work has become a reflection of these contrasts. She has been involved with the diverse and locally based artist collective called ‘CreativeBloc’ and showed work in their recent ‘Set in Stone’ group show at Leytonstone tube. This is her first solo show in Leytonstone.

Sarah Lowe

Revenge of the Stone, Star Walls exhibition VI – 28 August to 14 September 2014

This was the 6th exhibition in the highly successful series of art exhibitions features work inspired by the Star Wars universe. The work on display was be an eclectic and wide reaching mix of 2D drawings, paintings,prints together with 3D sculptures and creations which range from photoreal to abstract. Artists involved, include Carne Griffiths, Jim Vision, Maria Slovakova, Sarah Carpenter, Pauli Bates, Charlotte Cooper, dARTh, Benign Samuel, and Jeff Cox.

star walls brush

OPPOSITES attract by Rajinder P Singh Tattal – 4 to 24 August 2014

A show mainly composed of a series of pairs of black and white drawings.  The main emphasis of the exhibition was to convey a spectrum of emotions through the facial expressions and eyes of the subjects. They display emotions and feelings, ranging from excitement and happiness to sadness, hunger and exhaustion.


Tree of Life – 17 to 27 July 2014

An exhibition in memory of Julie Stephenson curated by Isaac Samuels. Funds raised during the duration of the show will support Re:Assure, a programme of dedicated counselling support for migrant women living with HIV on their journey to overcoming traumatic experiences.

Leytonstone Arts Trail – 4 to 13 July 2014

We are hosting Karen Logan, Lucy Williams and Gillian Swan. Karen is a visual artist exhibiting work from an ongoing project exploring her interest in family history, textile processes and landscape. Lucy is a visual artist  exhibiting recent work which explores ideas about identity. Gillian’s work – ‘The future is brightly coloured’ – is a mixed media piece looking at how we value the landscapes of our daily lives.


Break a leg by Drawing Club – 26 to 29 June 2014

Drawing Club is a collective from Kingston-upon-Thames. Since Leytonstone is the home of the late Alfred Hitchcock, the seven members of the collective have themed the exhibition around his works, particularly ‘Rear Window’, but in the energetic spirit of Drawing Club.

Drawing Club

Paintables by Boris Born – 29 May to 22 June 2014

In this particular series Boris Born, German born artist based in London, uses a brighter palette than usual; his lines are more distinct, giving way to angular and organic shapes and contrasting effect. The results seems a like a scene from a landscape, objects or creatures of a second nature or different planet.

BorisBorn small

Focus by Woodie Wright – 1 to 25 May 2014

The pieces in Woodie’s show will attempt to explore the devastating gentle ignorance that continues to grow in all of us. Woodie is interested in trying to expose the overall assumption that our needs can be answered without consequence. This series of works aims to highlight these ingrained and deadly assumptions using many materials and methods.


What Now? by Jeff Cox – 3 to 27 April 2014

The paintings in this show are Jeff Cox’s reflections on life, memories and art. Like many painters he is uneasy with the blanket term “abstract”- Jeff does not consider any of his paintings to be abstract in the purest sense. Some would argue that all painting is abstract: painting is a bunch of forms and colours on a flat surface. All his paintings have a definite content but he is very resistant to explaining them.

JCox small

POLYGONDAYDREAM: Visceral and virtual by Paul and Mark Cummings – 6 to 30 March 2014

The wolf and the goat are common motifs in the mythologies and cosmologies throughout Eurasia and North America. The totemic value of these creatures aided Shamans to seek knowledge and spiritual experiences by identifying with the spirit of these creatures. These sculptures offer up a modern visceral urban folk myth where craft is aided by technology to afford a new status by providing a new kind perceivable reality, the non-physical digital reality.

Goat by Paul Cummings

‘Complication / simplicity ‘ by Sarah Jacobs and Natalie Dunham – 6 February to 2 March 2014

American artists Natalie Dunham and Sarah Jacobs create their artwork painstakingly by hand, Natalie using geometric language, and Sarah using patterns. Sarah’s series of intricate showy paintings, Ethosphere, speaks of life’s complications, but rather than striving to offer an alternative it glorifies noise, complexity and entanglements. Natalie’s minimal installation targets the idea of uncomplicating the complicated. She strips down materials to their natural unaltered states.

Ethosphere by Sarah Jacobs

Behind the scenes – 9 January to 2 February 2014

All the works presented in this show are produced by Stone Space volunteers who help run the gallery and work behind the scenes. The huge diversity of the pieces in the show nicely reflects the diversity of our volunteers. Next to each piece we have also included a short profile written by the volunteers about themselves and their involvement at the Stone Space.
Red and black by Flash Bristow



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