Exhibitions in 2011-13

Women – 28 November to 15 December 2013

Derek Marks’s paintings are of women engaged in the tasks and motions of everyday life; riding a bike, taking a walk, etcetera. Each painting is based on numerous drawings made from life. Derek didn’t create these pieces to get across some philosophical point. These are not any sort of political stand but just paintings about living.

Derek Marks small

Inamorata – 31 October to 24 November 2013

Paul Morris’s work pursues strong themes of obsession in human liaisons. Images are often derived from the artist’s subconscious, exploring the mysterious or tormented dimension of relationships. The work is largely symbolic in its portrayal, using a variety of found objects/appropriated pieces to demonstrate meaning. Paul elicits the expression of feelings of an intimate relationship from an impudent photograph or an old letter envelope.


London today: the nake truth – 3 to 27 October 2013

This collection draws upon Sarah Carpenter’s mixed feelings of London (living, working and studying here) and those of a group of female dancers starting out on a similar journey. For a supposedly liberal city, nudity remains shocking. Through this work she shows the ‘naked truth’ whilst advertising the beauty and creativity of the city.

SarahC small

Rupert Whale – 12 to 29 September 2013

Rupert’s work explores places of dereliction and neglect, order and disorder. He depicts scenes in moments of absence and flux when the planned and incidental spill into each other. His paintings of objects and places, both familiar and strange, reflect these tensions.

Rupert Whale2

Micro/MACRO by Mark Allnutt – 1 to 25 August 2013

Unlike many of the artists of the past, Mark’s inspiration derives, not from Nature, but from its antithesis, the Metropolis. As a student in the 1990s, Mark had been reluctant to visit New York, but once there, he underwent a conversion and the city, particularly when viewed from the Empire State Building or World Trade Center became a revelation and an inspiration. The drawings, on paper and board are not maps, but are intended to evoke the atmosphere and experience of seeing them, instead of reading them.

Mark Alnutt Macro Micro small

Leytonstone Arts Trail show – 4 to 28 July 2013

The Arts Trail is on all over Leytonstone from 6 to 14 July 2013. The Stone Space is home to exciting new sculptural exhibition for the trail, which will continue until 28 July.

A piece by inspirational local artist Frances Bowman imagines a ‘Sightless dream’. Alison Bray shows her versatility with sculptural masks on show at the gallery and her ‘Dear Leytonstone’ street photographs on show in the High Road at Mario’s barber shop window. Clare Roels and Jeane Hill share a love of bicycle parts of which you get an introduction at the Stone Space with more on show in ‘Cyclesculptures’ at the Just Fires showroom.  The Stone Space is pleased to show Lucy Namayanja’s ‘The birth of the World without borders’  that captures Lucy’s spiritual sense of home but reflects her wider travels.

The Long Memory – 13 to 30 June 2013

Painting, sculpture, photography and animation by three East London artists. ‘The Long Memory’ is an exhibition of responses to an ever-changing habitat, gleaned from urban wanderings and perambulations.

With a shared interest in the history and development of London and its environs, artists Benjamin Fox, Richard king and James Self seek to invoke its past lives, while engaging with its modern manifestation.

long memory

Star Walls – 16 May to 9 June 2013

Star Walls is an exhibition of artwork curated by Elliott Ashton and inspired by the ‘Star Wars’ universe, in honour of Stuart Freeborn, the head special effects make-up artist of Star Wars who was born in Leytonstone. Artists taking part in the exhibition include Sarah Carpenter, Cristabel Christo, Jeff Cox, dARTh, Rupert Greyling, Carne Griffiths and Maria Slovakova.

1 yoda_

Hovering Halfway: 18 April – 12 May 2013

‘Hovering Halfway’ by Ashley Davies consists of oil on canvas, and many mixed media on paper, exploring both urban and rural landscape as a motif for the landscape of the mind.

‘Hovering Halfway’ refers to that which is between the conscious and the unconscious, the here and the now, between dream and sleep, between abstract and figurative. Ashley’s work maintains the constant theme of protecting something fragile, delicate, precious and universal.

Hovering Half Way

Fixations – 21 March to 14 April 2013

‘Fixations’ is a group show by six artists and designers living in London: Alex Burdiak, Ruth Craddock, Nick Downes, Rob Elford, Marc Sethi and Ania Wawrzkowicz.

The exhibition showcases a diverse and dynamic range of work in response to the theme of fixations.

Fixation is a concept originated by Sigmund Freud to denote the persistence of anachronistic sexual traits. Subsequently, fixation acquired a broader connotation. More generally, it is the state in which an individual becomes obsessed with an attachment to another person, being or object.


Waiting – 21 February to 17 March 2013

Alison Chaplin is a full-time artist living and working in Walthamstow between the Forest and the Town and it is this life-on-the-edges which motivates the set of pictures in her new show.

While travelling in Italy, visiting many churches and galleries, she noticed, in so many paintings and frescos, those liminal characters that live between the edge and the action; the spear-carriers of history. Travelling around locally and in London, she began to notice their contemporary counterparts; the ‘waiting’. And here they are in queues, at bus stops and in train stations; alone or in groups, at the beginning of something or at the end of something. Between the edge and the action, waiting.


reside: 10 January – 3 February 2013 (artist residency), 7 – 17 February (show)

[ri’zaid] vb 1 to make home in a particular place or community.

Artists in residence, Catherine Pamplin and Karen Pamplin Browne, made home in The Stone Space and asked the question: What is home and what does it mean to have one? The reside exhibition celebrated the poems, prose, photographs and artworks that were inspired, created and collected in response to the reside residency. Please visit their blog: www.resideresidency.wordpress.com


 artFORMS: 13 December 2012 – 6 January 2013

Artists from a range of backgrounds – from the visual arts to performing arts – were given one word as inspiration.

Focusing on instinctive, natural and emotional responses to the idea of ‘restriction’, the collective have created an exhibition that will engage the senses of the audience.

Minutiae: 15 November – 9 December 2012

“Minutiae” is a group show of works selected by gallery members in a response to an open call out of the same name. The exhibitors display a broad, interesting and thought provoking variety of works based on the theme. It includes drawing, painting, animation, photography and sculpture and represents the richness and diversity of artists thought and practice.

The Tumbled House: 18 October – 11 November 2012

Emma Jane Spain and Jake Green are a duo whose practices are combined from different ends of the photographic spectrum, one artistic and one commercial.

The construction of home in popular magazines is a fantasy that is doomed to fail, life can’t compete with this facade of perfection. The Tumbled House turns the idea of the constructed home on its head and embraces failures as if they were triumphs. Combining notations of product photography and ideas of nostalgia, fakery and the damaged. The Tumbled House builds an ugly product for mass consumption.

This exhibition is in conjunction with photomonth.

Test by Ribbon Machine Collective: 20 September – 14 October 2012

Ribbon Machine Collective are a group of artists living in London, joined together by the work they make, courses they have attended, geography and chance.

Thread’bare:  30 August – 16 September 2012

An exhibition of stitching and embroidery by Sally Hewett and her grandmother, Violet Kesby who died in 1965 and left most of her collection of clothing, embroidery, fabrics, lace and silks to Sally.

Wandering Rocks: 2 August – 19 August 2012

Stephen Snoddy, Director of the New Art Gallery in Walsall, selected work from over 70 artists from The Art Trail 2012 to be part of this group exhibition.

Leytonstone Arts Trail showcase: 12 July – 29 July 2012

As part of The Leytonstone Arts Trail this year The Stone Space will act as an information point and showcase for the arts trail and so we have given all artists participating in the trail the opportunity to exhibit a small example of their work there during the trail.

One Day’s Walk: 21 June – 8 July 2012

Many of the visitors to the Olympics this summer will pass through Leytonstone, but the town is so much more than a stepping stone to this year’s games, and we want to make sure that we get across the flavour of Leytonstone to visitors! This show incorporates submissions from artists who have an affiliation with Leytonstone, who live in the area or nearby, or who have grown up here and have memories of the town, or those who just feel they have something to say about the town no matter where they come from!

What’s going on? 31 May – 17 June 2012

The Stone Space is pleased to present an exhibition by Jeff Cox whose paintings explore the themes of memory, relationships, birth, sex and loss.

Night After Night: 10 May – 27 May 2012

The Stone Space proudly presents Night after Night an exhibition by Helen Burgess. A series of scenes unfold on the walls of the gallery; the artist explores the fascinating city nightscape as a prompt for memory and reverie. Helen presents a series of playful nocturnes with paintings, drawings and collage; observed, imagined, memorised and dreamt of.

Defiance: 19 April – 6 May 2012

Arts Canteen and The Stone Space are delighted to present, Defiance, an exhibition by five Palestinian artists which invites us to celebrate the determined agency of Majed Shala, Shareef Sarhan, Mohamed Abusal, Raed Issa and Nidal Abu Oun to overcome the environment in which they work while being inspired and challenged by it.

Inclusions: 29 March – 15 April 2012

The Stone Space proudly presents Inclusions, an exhibition which celebrates the work of artist’s whose work straddles genres.

Eleanor Bedlow: 15 – 25 March 2012

The Stone Space is pleased to present ‘Remote Cities’, an exhibtion that will introduce us to an imagined landscape from a surreal world where the Imaginary cities that occupy Eleanor Bedlow’s mind are formulated into models and then into drawings.

Carne Griffiths: 1 March – 11 March 2012

The Stone Space is pleased to present a live drawing event ‘EDEN’ by artist Carne Griffiths.
Working in calligraphy ink and tea, the artist will create floral imagery connected with ideas of creation and evolution whilst exploring the interplay between artist as creator and the outside influences of chance and suggestion from viewers.  Based heavily on floral forms the installation leads on from last year’s drawing made inside a house as part of the Leytonstone Arts Trail.
Eden by Carne Griffiths

Gillian Swan: 16 – 26 February 2012

The Stone Space is pleased to present Outlines, an exhibition of work by London based artist Gillian Swan who works with paper and card to produce three dimensional constructions which are then painted. Past work has imagined satellite dishes as constellations of stars and Outlines will include new pieces that focus on ornamental moldings and the accidental embellishment of the built environment resulting from the removal of graffiti.

Della Rees and Alke Schmidt:  2- 12 February 2012

The Stone Space is delighted to host ‘Spill’, an exhibition by Walthamstow artists Della Rees and Alke Schmidt. Della and Alke are interested in exploring contemporary social and environmental issues and debates through the subversive nature of art’s aesthetic dimension.  In the works created for “Spill”, the artists have focused on the disastrous impacts caused by oil spills.

Debbie Locke: 19 January to 29 January 2012

The Stone Space is delighted to present ‘Dialogue’ by artist Debbie Locke, a drawing installation comprising of 3 wall-based drawing machines which communicate with each other via Bluetooth technology.

Martine Charalambou Live Paint: 7- 8 January 2012, exhibition 9 – 15 January 2012

Moving on from her Hackney 4 day painting marathon of individual models, Charalambou has brought the task to Leytonstone and this time set herself the challenge of tackling a group sitting live at the gallery. The 2 day Live Paint will be followed by an exhibition of her work.

Ornamentisimas: 15 December 2011 – 5 January 2012

Guaranteed to lift the spirits and put a bit of sparkle back into your festive Season, a collection of works from local artists in our behind closed doors winter exhibition.

Self Seeing by Cos Ahmet :  24 November – 11 December 2011

Drawing Crowds: 5 – 19 November 2011

An exhibition of exploratory drawing curated by Eleanor Bedlow and Carne Griffiths

J’use Mes Souliers by Vanessa Lee: 20 – 30 October 2011

Drawing inspiration from old photographs, documents and maps, Lee, a graduate of Middlesex University, uses her own family history as a starting point to explore such themes as genetics, memory, nationality and mortality.

Unwrapped: 1 – 16 October 2011

An exhibition curated by the Stone Space Group
Unwrapped exhibiting @ The Stone Space


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