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Space between – 5 to 29 November 2015

The next exhibition at The Stone Space is titled ‘Space between’ and will run from 5 to 29 November 2015 with a private view on Friday 6 November 6.30pm – 8.30pm.

Selected from an open call, the work on display goes beyond figuration and inhabits the space between perceived reality and abstraction.

The exhibition, curated by El Bedlow, Carne Griffiths and Gillian Swan. includes works by: Sarah Arriagada, Hester Berry, Declan Driver, Susan Eyre, Robert William Jackson, Maria Kokkonen, Sam Mattacott, Alex McIntyre, Susan Petticrew, Julia Schewalie, Luke Walder, Jane Walker and Deborah Westmancoat

Artists’ talk and closing event

Sunday 29 November, 2.00pm – 4.00pm.

This is an unique opportunity to speak to the exhibiting artists and hear them talk about their work. Participating artists are: Julie Schewalie, Sarah Arriagada, Alex McIntyre, Robert William Jackson, Sam Mattacott, Susan Eyre and Susan Petticrew. We hope to see you there.

December, Deborah Westmancoat

December, Deborah Westmancoat




“SAMUEL NOT SAM!” – 8 October to 1 November 2015

“The lens is my paintbrush.” –B9.SAMUELSAMUEL NOT SAM!

BENIGN SAMUEL: A London based British artist/fine art photographer of Ghanaian descent. “BENIGN” as in ‘kindness of disposition, pleasant and beneficial in nature or influence’; “SAMUEL” as in ‘heard of God’/’God has heard’; SAMUEL not Sam! In rabbinical literature, Samuel is considered the last of the Hebrew Judges and the first of the major prophets—placing him at the cusp of two eras. His work occupies the cusp of what is traditionally considered ‪art and photography, challenging the artistic sensibilities of the observer.

Is photography art? “SAMUEL NOT SAM!” sets out to answer that question. You be the judge.

Private view on Friday 9 October 2015 from 6.30 to 8.30pm.


Sally Moore: You Never Can Tell – 10 September to 4 October 2015

The Stone Space will re-open slightly earlier than planned.

After being closed for over a month due to refurbishment at Leytonstone Library, we are delighted to re-open with an exhibition by Sally Moore called ‘You Never Can Tell’.

Sally Moore is originally from Wales but has been living and working in East London since the 1980s. She trained at the Ruskin School of Art, Oxford, and subsequently won a scholarship to study at the British School in Rome.  Sally’s paintings have won awards at the National Eisteddfod and at the 1996 Discerning Eye Exhibition in London, where William Packer awarded her the critics’ prize.  In 2005 she won the Welsh Artist of the Year Award. She has also had her work exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery for the BP Portrait Award in 2014.

Fish Out of Water

Fish Out of Water

Sally’s show at the Stone Space will open on Thursday 10 September and will run until Sunday 4 October 2015. The private view will take place on Friday 11 September 2015 from 6:30 to 8:30pm.

‘Sally’s work displays an interest in,and a deep knowledge of, three visual art traditions, the Narrative, the Surreal and the Symbolic, marrying all together through her use of highly personal imagery. Her paintings are icons of magical realism. A story is being told that cleverly weaves the imagined with the real, the known with the mysterious. In making art she is making sense of the world and we, in viewing the work become part of the process, part of the drama.’ Keith Bayliss, Artist

For more information on Sally’s works, please visit her website –



Puppet Space – 25 June to 12 July 2015

This exhibition shows a diversity of puppets made by professional puppet makers and by people who attended a puppet makers course at the Little Angel Theatre in Islington. It is curated by Alice Stanley who is a member of local art collective CreativeBloc.

Artists on display are Raven Kaliana, Judith Hope, Catherine Thomas, Mary Clare Klaber, Stella Salumaa, Wendy as well as Alice Stanley herself.

Puppets include:

  • The Big Friendly Giant (Mary Clare Klaber, 2014) from the Roahl Dahl story.
  • Malcolm (Raven Kaliana, 2006) created for productions of Macbeth.
  • Teethy One (Stella Salumaa, 2014) used for a music video.
  • Orange Monkey (Alice Stanley, 2015) inspired by the logo of Alice’s company.

“Some puppets in the show will be nice and smiley, some bizarre, even scary or freaky, as some say – so just leave your puppet fears from childhood behind and get ready for another journey into the world of imagination”.

The show is part of the Leytonstone Arts Trail.


Town Lands by Adrian Eckersley

‘Town Lands’ is about cities, particularly this city where we are living right now, often lost in the detail, often too wired-in to look around us. What does our city say about where we’re going, where we come from, who we are? Adrian’s oil and watercolour paintings are part of making the spaces of the city less familiar, seeking its lost strangeness, celebrating its beauty and its triviality, its wonder and  terror. Adrian often works from photographs, and many of his photographs are taken at night or in other low-light situations, when the city loses its familiarity and steps into strangeness.

antwerpnight‘Town Lands’ is Adrian’s fourth solo show in London; he has also exhibited locally and in central London, has contributed to many group shows, and won prizes, most notably so far in the Eastern Open.

The show runs from Thursday 28 May to Sunday 21 June 2015. The opening event is on 28 May, from 6.30pm  to 8.30pm.

Secret stories by Carla Cerejo

Carla Cerejo trained as a fine artist at the famous Liston School of Arts, exploring many directions that lead her to London to complete her M.A. in printmaking.

Loving the traditional way of making prints she has had a series of exhibitions  showcasing her print work and paintings.  Inspired by the eternal labyrinth of the mind – its thoughts, its ideas and its fantasies – gave life to this collection ‘Secret Stories’: oil painting on canvas with intricate stitching and traditional printmaking on cotton paper in limited editions.  These works were completed in her studio Walthamstow.CarlaCerejo

The exhibition runs from 30 April to 24 May 2015. The private view is on Thursday 30 April 2015 from 6:30 to 8:30pm.


Series by Robert Chaplin

Robert Chaplin trained as a painter at Walthamstow School of Art and West Surrey. Robert took a sabbatical from his teaching post to complete a research degree at Sussex University before resuming teaching at schools and colleges in London. None of this really affected his work as a painter which throws a loose lasso around English and American modernism, especially where painterliness meets geometric abstraction. He is a colourist and a contourist.RobChaplin

Robert is presenting  three series of works:


This was a series of works derived from an earlier sequence inspired by the concept and activity of psychogeography – the exploration and revelation of space and the self.  Each image is a reworking of small-scale card sculpture made after the practice of Peter Lanyon.


These are later works and while they still relate to series III they are more densely articulated and the directness of the earlier work is replaced by a more subtle combination of shape and tone.


These works began life as collagraph prints with a design derived from studies made of washed up bits and pieces found on a seashore.  The inspiration behind this was a shrine discovered on another seashore, an ocean away from where these pieces were collected.

The exhibition runs from 2 to 26 April 2015.



Reminisce by Carne Griffiths

Reminisce is a collection of original paintings in tea, ink and graphite by Carne Griffiths, alongside a series of limited and open edition prints. Past collections

The works were created in Leytonstone and Leyton over a period of 4 years and some have been exhibited as part of solo exhibitions in Milan, the UK and Hong Kong, before returning to their spiritual home. Much of the work created owes a great deal to the energy and creativity found in abundance in E11, its people and its fusion of urban and rural elements constantly inspiring and influencing the direction of Carne’s work.

Working primarily with calligraphy inks, graphite and liquids, such as tea, brandy and vodka Carne’s fascination with drawing focuses on the creation and manipulation of the drawn line. Images explore human, geometric and floral forms, in a combination of both literal and abstract translation and in response to images and situations encountered in daily life. Images are recorded in a dreamlike sense onto the page where physical boundaries are unimportant. His work creates a journey of escapism which focuses on scenes of awe and wonder, projecting a sense of abandonment and inviting the viewer to share and explore this inner realm.Across the line

Reminisce opens on Thursday 12 March 2015 and runs until Sunday 29 March 2015.

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