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Counterpoint by Ivy Panesar and Philipa Day: 4 to 28 May 2017


In December 2016, the Stone Space invited artists interested in being paired with another artist to come forward and work on creating a joint exhibition. The intention was that the two artists selected for the exhibition would enter into a dialogue or work together in response to each other’s work in advance of the exhibition and the results of this process would be documented or exhibited in some way.  

Counterpoint is a collaboration between Ivy Panesar and Philipa Day, two local artists unknown to each other before this exhibition, utilises contrast of colour to create contradictory and varied emotional reactions. Both artists favour abstracts and rely heavily on colour and movement, but there are notable discrepancies in their work and method which create a magical disharmony.

Ivy Panesar is a contemporary London-based Australian painter inspired by street art and abstract expressionism. By her own admission, she can be brutal with a paintbrush, but the result is always intriguing, and sometimes chaotic, with pastel candy-coloured hues fighting for recognition against engaging brights.

Philipa Day is a painter from East London and has exhibited her work across London and in Copenhagen. This work captures the reactions of mixed oil paint and white spirit on acetate. For the viewers of Counterpoint, Philipa hopes each person will keep in mind a quote from one of her own artistic inspirations, Georgia O’Keeffe: “I paint because colour is a significant language to me“.