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Night After Night @ THE STONE SPACE

Private View: Thursday 10th May 6:30 to 9:30

The Stone Space proudly presents Night after Night an exhibition by Helen Burgess. A series of scenes unfold on the walls of the gallery; the artist explores the fascinating city nightscape as a prompt for memory and reverie. Helen presents a series of playful nocturnes with paintings, drawings and collage; observed, imagined, memorised and dreamt of.

‘Walking around in the evening or at night, the atmosphere created by the glow of street lamps, car headlights and our ever more shining city changes our perceptions. One can’t help but recall other nights and other places. Time, place and experience become less particular, less solid. The stage is set for something else’

Helen Burgess trained as an illustrator at Falmouth College of Arts, graduating in 2003. She studied for two years at The Princes Drawing School and currently works from her studio in Dalston.

THURS 10 May – SUNDAY 27th MAY-
THURS & FRIDAYS    | 14:00 – 18:00
SAT & SUNDAYS        | 12:00 – 16:00


Defiance at The Stone Space: An exhibition by 5 Palestinian artists

An exhibition presented by Arts Canteen of 5 emerging artists from the Middle East.

Mohammed AbusalSharif SarhanNidal Abu OunRaed IssaMajed Shala

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Images from the Private View of Defiance 19/04/2012 (Photography by Martine Charalambou)

The exhibition will be from Thursday 19 April until Sunday 6 May
Open: Thursday to Friday 2 to 6pm, Saturday 12 to 5pm, Sunday 12 to 4pm The Stone Space: 6 Church Lane, Leytonstone E11 1HG

For further information on Arts Canteen and the artists exhibited in Defiance please visit:

Defiance @ The Stone Space

All five artists are emerging talents in the Middle East.  Each artist tells their own story: the conscious choice to use vivid colours, the hopeful form of a pregnant woman or the playful and detailed depiction of symbols such as the cactus – symbolic of endurance – or using the shapes identified with traditional calligraphy but which are never resolved into meaningful text.

Asbestos: Raed Issa, acrylic on canvas, 2011

Asbestos: Raed Issa, acrylic on canvas, 2011

Mohammed AbusalSharif SarhanNidal Abu OunRaed IssaMajed Shala

The artists’ power is evident as they transform ugliness and despair into beauty and light as the mundane forms of concrete, satellite dishes, asbestos roofs and washing lines are presented to us.

The exhibition will be from Thursday 19 April until Sunday 6 May with a private view from 7pm on the 19th April

For further information on Arts Canteen and these artists please visit

Inclusions @ The Stone Space

by Helene Collins

‘Inclusions’ is the most diverse of the exhibitions held at the Stone Space to date. Featuring the works of 18 artists the show spans a variety of mediums including sculpture, video, frottage, embroidery, pastel, acrylic, oil and graphite. The exhibits are thought provoking and arresting with inspirations and references which intrigue and beguile and infect the visitor with their exhilaration and energy.

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Images from the Inclusions opening party

Ronis Varlaam, Sally Hewett, Mary-anne Morrison, Aurora Ira, Clare Smith, Tetsuya Endo, Amanda Whittle, Aysegul Thornett, Frances Bloomfield, Matt Gee, David McLeavy, Stacey Wall, Victoria Turnbull, Stephane Blumer, Kate Keara Pelen, Natalie Percy, Silvia Krupinska and Gareth Morgan

Remote cities – reflections on time and place

By Helene Collins

Eleanor Bedlow’s Remote Cities takes the viewer on a journey which stirs memory and raises questions of a sense of belonging to places both real and imagined.

Her intricate pencil drawings depict imaginary maps and landscapes with changes of perspective which metamorphose into images suggesting arteries and roots which draw the viewer back into past places and memories, and subliminally ally themselves with living things.
“People tend to connect the maps to places with which they are familiar and transfer their own memories and feelings into them” says Eleanor.
In her piece ‘Raise’ a phantasmagorical landscape of a deserted settlement has references to human creation and evolution. It is executed in oil-based pencil and is then re-created into a sculptural piece also called ‘Raise’ using cast plaster with modroc.
Eleanor’s works allow us to reflect on where are we now, where are we going, where have we come from…

Raise by Eleanor Bedlow

Raise, Oil based pencil on paper, 152 x 92cm, 2012

Find out more about Eleanor Bedlow’s work at

Remote Cities now open at The Stone Space

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Remote Cities is on at The Stone Space until 25th March. Thursday to Sunday. (Thu and Fri 2 to 6pm Sat 12 to 5pm, Sun 12 to 4pm)

View more work by Eleanor Bedlow at

Remote Cities opening soon at The Stone Space

Remote Cities opens this Thursday 15th March at The Stone Space.

Private View: Thursday 15th 6:30 to 9:30

‘Remote Cities’, introduces us to an imagined landscape from a surreal world where the Imaginary cities that occupy Eleanor Bedlow’s mind are formulated into models and then into drawings.

Outlines by Gillian Swan

The Stone Space is pleased to present Outlines, an exhibition of work by London based artist Gillian Swan who works with paper and card to produce three dimensional constructions which are then painted. Past work has imagined satellite dishes as constellations of stars and Outlines will include new pieces that focus on ornamental moldings and the accidental embellishment of the built environment resulting from the removal of graffiti.

Outlines by Gillian Swan opens this Thursday 16th  to 26th February at The Stone Space.
Private View: Thursday 16th February 7pm to 9:30pm