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Pictures from Alleland by Boris Born: 27 July to 13 August 2017

Alleland: ‘Alle’ generally translates into ‘all-‘ and ‘everyone’ but also into: ’empty’, ‘used-up-‘ or ‘ burnt out-‘. ‘Land’ translates into ‘country’ or ‘land’. Boris Born’s paintings are abstraction, relating to both nature and the use of materials. He incorporates “found materials” along with the use of various types of paint.

This series was created after a winter of depression and a trip to the sea side (Suffolk), where Born was fascinated by the contrasts between the various browns and blacks of rotten plants, the differently coloured brown rock and sand layered cliffs, the greys of the sand, the low-hanging dark grey sky, the thick clouds, the troubled sea and the atmosphere this scenario created.

Born returned to his London studio with a pile of sketches and worked with a variety of materials: emulsion, varnish, pigments, pastels, India ink, pencils using small roof tiles or small pieces of timber boards as a basis. The result are rather intense, gloomy and expressive paintings. They are abstract but in the widest sense ‘landscapy’– depicting a second nature or different planet.

In the series Pictures from Alleland Born continues to work with the topic but slightly changes the range of materials. He uses small canvases and cutouts from papers, wallpapers and newspapers as basis and a wide variety of pigments, varnish, acrylic, asphalt, pastels and pencils. The paintings appear like negative prints of an abstract and irritating world.

Alleland is where the end is over and another end has begun, where everything falls, where nothing can be understood, where there is no landscape and no life anymore or something that can be understood as such. In Alleland, all perspective is flat, spatiality is evaporated. Materiality is negative, reduced to ‘trappings’. Alleland is burnt out, burnt down, dried up, hard and grim. Scratched, bruised, torn, muddy, chipped and decayed. Alleland is a prophecy.

Born is a German born artist based in London. He started his artistic career in the beginning of the 1980s in Hanover, Germany, where he worked as an assistant and practitioner in an art studio. After graduating from the Free University of West Berlin, where he completed an MA in Philosophy and German Literature, he focused on his art. He co-founded the artist group Der Riss “the Rip” and exhibited in many group and solo shows across the UK and Germany. He has also travelled and shown in Russia; both Moscow and St Petersburg. From 2005 – 2010 he was artist in residence at Bishopsgate Institute (London), with two solo shows and a five year continuous exhibition in the concert hall.

Boris Born




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