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In-habitation: 3 December 2016 to 7 January 2017


In-habitation brings together a rich variety of media: digital, drawing, models and book art, all exploring the notion of built structure as a metaphor for the self and as a framework for belonging. Artists Helen Scalway, Claire Reed and Ali Clarke who have collaborated in thought and process over the last year, present thought provoking, engaging work on the themes of strength, fragility and belonging in ‘habitation’.

Ali Clarke’s concrete paintings and architectural sculptures embrace her journey through architecture and set design. They explore themes of enclosure, boundaries, decay and urban nature whilst playing with extremes of solidity versus the fragile and delicate.

Claire Reed specialises in edgy and powerful site-specific work using a wide range of media. She is currently exploring the theme of belonging in a context of change, using the interplay of word and image. Claire will be interweaving the digital and hand-drawn, using elements of book and typographic structures, to create a series of works in 2D and 3D.

Helen Scalway’s work is greatly influenced by her experience of working for some years as an artist within a university department of interior architecture. Her current work is based on the idea of the house or built dwelling place as expressing human identity. She explores the idea of ‘the habitation of the self’ through such elements as house facades,doors and openings as giving access to apparently outward looking spaces, but leading to walls, barriers, trapdoors, impossible stairways, guarding more inaccessible areas. She investigates this materially and metaphorically, often through drawing and book structures.




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