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Mutterboden: 21 July – 14 August 2016

Silvia von Pock









An exhibition of paintings and assemblages by Sarah Arriagada and Silvia von Pock

Mutterboden brings together German painters Sarah Arriagada and Silvia von Pock and their shared interest in a playful, material and process-based approach to image making. Both artists take everyday household materials as their starting point, from cheerful textiles to discarded packaging and plastics, and create paintings that explore their visual, tactile and structural possibilities.

The German word Mutterboden (mother soil: engl. top soil) refers to the earth, the medium in which things germinate and flourish. In the context of this show it alludes to the mass of ‘stuff’, the visually fertile layers of cheap, colourful debris that surround us and from which these art works grow. Both artists have a love of textures and an openness to haptic discoveries that are allowed to shape their work, sometimes taking them outside the framework of canvas and stretcher and beyond the flat plane. But Arriagada and von Pock’s contrasting strategies produce paintings that throw each other into sharp relief.

Substituting domestic textiles for canvas, Arriagada continually layers and strips back paint, sometimes reversing the stretcher as she seeks a purified, distilled, image in the face of colourful excess. Von Pock’s impulse is to collage and encrust, building layers and massing materials until new visual effects are found in works that are structurally self-supporting. Shown together for the first time at The Stone Space, Arriagada and von Pock’s works generate a lively dialogue with and about seemingly worthless materials and what they offer the restless and resourceful eye.

Sarah Arriagada was born in Hamburg, studied fine art in Berlin and has exhibited in France, Germany and the UK. She lives and works in London.

Silvia von Pock studied fine art in Bremen and Berlin. She has curated and exhibited widely in Germany and lives and works in Hamburg.

Private view: 6-8pm Thursday 21 July

Sarah Arriagada





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