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The Possibility of Everything – 28 April to 22 May 2016











The Possibility of Everything brings together four artists who explore the possibilities of materials , medium and process through drawing, painting, photography and moving image.

The exhibition highlights the role of process and materiality for each artist and encompasses shared themes and parallels between creative, psychological and environmental territories.

Focus is placed on the transformation of materials, which include the everyday , domestic as well as processes or tools of “specialist” status, such as the painter’s pigments or surgeon’s scalpel, revealing how these materials are transformed by means of imagination, subversion or gesture.

  • A surgeon’s scalpel becomes a drawing implement in the work of Nikki Taylor whose delicate, minimalist drawings recall the precision of surgical cuts.
  • Peggy Cozzi explores colour and gesture as a means of charting psychological territory, the physical instability of paint and pigment are used to invoke both impermanence and resistance.
  • In Jenny Pritchard’s reflective video pieces the familiar objects of domesticity are subverted and transformed into transitory states, creating a space for a personal voice.
  • In Monica Thompson’s work the natural processes of decay and degeneration become a subject of beauty via the photographer’s lens .

The private view is on Friday 29 April, from 6:30 to 8:30pm.



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