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Town Lands by Adrian Eckersley

‘Town Lands’ is about cities, particularly this city where we are living right now, often lost in the detail, often too wired-in to look around us. What does our city say about where we’re going, where we come from, who we are? Adrian’s oil and watercolour paintings are part of making the spaces of the city less familiar, seeking its lost strangeness, celebrating its beauty and its triviality, its wonder and  terror. Adrian often works from photographs, and many of his photographs are taken at night or in other low-light situations, when the city loses its familiarity and steps into strangeness.

antwerpnight‘Town Lands’ is Adrian’s fourth solo show in London; he has also exhibited locally and in central London, has contributed to many group shows, and won prizes, most notably so far in the Eastern Open.

The show runs from Thursday 28 May to Sunday 21 June 2015. The opening event is on 28 May, from 6.30pm  to 8.30pm.



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