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Series by Robert Chaplin

Robert Chaplin trained as a painter at Walthamstow School of Art and West Surrey. Robert took a sabbatical from his teaching post to complete a research degree at Sussex University before resuming teaching at schools and colleges in London. None of this really affected his work as a painter which throws a loose lasso around English and American modernism, especially where painterliness meets geometric abstraction. He is a colourist and a contourist.RobChaplin

Robert is presenting  three series of works:


This was a series of works derived from an earlier sequence inspired by the concept and activity of psychogeography – the exploration and revelation of space and the self.  Each image is a reworking of small-scale card sculpture made after the practice of Peter Lanyon.


These are later works and while they still relate to series III they are more densely articulated and the directness of the earlier work is replaced by a more subtle combination of shape and tone.


These works began life as collagraph prints with a design derived from studies made of washed up bits and pieces found on a seashore.  The inspiration behind this was a shrine discovered on another seashore, an ocean away from where these pieces were collected.

The exhibition runs from 2 to 26 April 2015.





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