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POLYGONDAYDREAM – Visceral and Virtual by Mark and Paul Cummings: 6 to 30 March 2014

The wolf and the goat are common motifs in the foundational mythologies and cosmologies throughout Eurasia and North America. Both wolf and goat have both nurtured powerful mythological heroes in their infancy. The totemic value of these creatures aided shamans to seek knowledge and transformed spiritual experiences into non-ordinary reality by identifying with the spirit of these creatures.

Goat and wolf by Paul and Mark Cummings

Goat and wolf by Paul and Mark Cummings

These sculptures offer up a modern visceral urban folk myth. Craft is aided by technology to afford a new status by providing a new kind perceivable reality, the non-physical digital reality.

The backdrop to these sculptures provides an arc for this last chapter of the narrative. The paintings portray the fragility of civilization where time, war and natural disaster take their toll and the myths die with them too. Nature reclaims what she has sown and a new cycle starts again.

Paul and Mark are acclaimed artists working in Leyton. Starting as fine artists, sculptors and photographers, the twin brothers amalgamate ideas and utilise their wide range of skills and conceptual practices from which they select the most appropriate medium to produce work.

For  more information on Mark and Paul’s work, visit POLYGONDAYDREAM’S website.

The private view will be on Thursday 20 March from 6.30 to 9.30 pm.



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