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Behind the scenes: 9 January to 2 February 2014

Happy New Year!

All the works presented in this show are produced by Stone Space volunteers who help run the gallery and work behind the scenes. The huge diversity of the pieces in the show nicely reflects the diversity of our volunteers. Next to each piece we have also included a short profile written by the volunteers about themselves and their involvement at the Stone Space.

The Stone Space is a truly voluntary collaboration between artists and those who want to see visual arts thriving in Leytonstone. The gallery grew from the Leytonstone Arts Trail – which is a short annual show of visual arts in cafes, shops, churches, streets and open places run by artists themselves. The readiness of people living and working in Leytonstone to see something more solid became evident in visitors’ reaction to the much acclaimed ‘Pick’n’Mix’ show in the empty Woolworths before it became Argos and ‘When the walls come down’ at Norlington Road studios.

Artists involved with the Leytonstone Arts Trail were offered the empty spaces with a free mandate to see what could be done. The Stone Space opened in October 2011. The variety of work has been astonishing and has included residency, live painting, experimental drawing machines and world class works in video, oil, graphite, acrylic etc. The hugely popular Star Walls in May 2013 included all that and more, across two galleries, the Library halls and the streets. Our sister display area, SLATE windows, adds to the diversity.

All these activities fund themselves through the small entry fees that artists pay and commission on any works sold. With unfailing support from invigilators, curators and installers giving their time voluntarily the gallery has attracted visitors from all walks of life and fulfils its aim to bring great art to Leytonstone.

The collaboration thrives on opinion, new views and fresh ideas. New volunteers are always welcome. What would you like to see at the gallery?  How could you help to make it happen? A little bit of your time could help to make those visions come to life. Download a volunteer form or a proposal form or pick up a hardcopy from our office in opening hours. Come along and talk to one of the volunteers. Join our mailing list and come to one of our regular get-togethers, meet other volunteers and artists and help to take the Stone Space forward.

Red and black by Flash Bristow

Apanthropinization by Akvile Terminaite



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