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Mark Allnutt’s MACRO/MICRO worlds

Leytonstone artist Mark Allnutt opens a month long show of his MACRO/MICRO drawings at the Stone Space.

Unlike many of the artists of the past, Mark’s inspiration derives, not from Nature, but from its antithesis, the Metropolis. As a student in the 1990s, Mark had been reluctant to visit New York, but once there, he underwent a conversion and the city, particularly when viewed from the Empire State Building or World Trade Center became a revelation and an inspiration.

The drawings, on paper and board are not maps, but are intended to evoke the atmosphere and experience of seeing them, instead of reading them. Rather than particular geographic features being represented, the complexity of the relationships of the component units -people, buildings, vehicles, vegetation is conveyed. Taken individually, each is meaningless. Only when connected with the others does coherence emerge and the whole work becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

MACRO/MICRO is open from Thursday 1 to Sunday 25 August 2013.  

The private view is on Thursday 1 August from 6:30 to 8:30.

Mark Alnutt Macro Micro small



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