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Reside exhibition

reside [ri’zaid] vb 1 to make home in a particular place or community


Following their artists’ residency onsite at The Stone Space, Karen Pamplin Browne and Catherine Pamplin have curated an exhibition of works that respond to the question:

‘What is home and what does it mean to have one?’

Catherine’s paintings were all made at The Stone Space, exploring literal and material connotations of home, personal memories, geographic and political boundaries and the psychological need for stability and belonging.

Karen’s photographic work explores both her personal interpretations of home and the evolution of The Stone Space and the discourse generated during the residency. Karen also established the reside blog:

The reside project is participatory and ongoing. All visitors were (and still are) invited to respond to the above question about home.

The current reside exhibition celebrates the poems, prose, photographs and artworks that were inspired, created and collected in response to the reside residency.

Having received very positive community feedback, we intend to keep the reside project alive in virtual form via the reside blog and hope to organise a future residency or exhibition of works made on the same theme. If you would like to be involved do get in touch.



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