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artFORMS: 13 December 2012 – 6 January 2013

The Stone Space community led gallery in Leytonstone is excited to announce its next show, “artFORMS”, which will run from 13 December for four weeks. The gallery invites the people of Leytonstone and beyond to witness and participate in this unique and exciting show.

A range of artistic practitioners were brought together by the theme of “restriction” – be that the limitation of working without words; the human inability to fly; or taking photographs from a wheelchair.

Sarah Carpenter, founder of the artFORMS collective, explained: “It strikes me that through the bleeding of art forms, the mixing of styles and media, (creating hybrids, if you will), you can create multi faceted layers. These layers provide potential for a new sensory language and have the possibility of a huge appeal as they show such variety. This is what we have in artFORMS.”

Writer Sarita Plowman said “I really like the idea of working in collaboration with other artists as writing can be an isolating profession. I also like the idea of bridging the gap between the art and theatrical mediums.” Artist Ashley Davies added “it is always fascinating to see how others have responded to the same idea; artFORMS will be particularly interesting for me as it involves so many different practices and will demonstrate not just how they work together but also enhance the richness of the experience for both artists and the viewing public alike.”

There will be a range of ten activities during the show – from poetry and play reading, to live sculpting – providing an opportunity to meet the artists. The opening party will be on Friday 14 December from 7pm.

artFORMS has its own website, and can be found on twitter as @art_FORMS. The range of events are listed below, and each can be found on Facebook:


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