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Defiance @ The Stone Space

All five artists are emerging talents in the Middle East.  Each artist tells their own story: the conscious choice to use vivid colours, the hopeful form of a pregnant woman or the playful and detailed depiction of symbols such as the cactus – symbolic of endurance – or using the shapes identified with traditional calligraphy but which are never resolved into meaningful text.

Asbestos: Raed Issa, acrylic on canvas, 2011

Asbestos: Raed Issa, acrylic on canvas, 2011

Mohammed AbusalSharif SarhanNidal Abu OunRaed IssaMajed Shala

The artists’ power is evident as they transform ugliness and despair into beauty and light as the mundane forms of concrete, satellite dishes, asbestos roofs and washing lines are presented to us.

The exhibition will be from Thursday 19 April until Sunday 6 May with a private view from 7pm on the 19th April

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