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Remote cities – reflections on time and place

By Helene Collins

Eleanor Bedlow’s Remote Cities takes the viewer on a journey which stirs memory and raises questions of a sense of belonging to places both real and imagined.

Her intricate pencil drawings depict imaginary maps and landscapes with changes of perspective which metamorphose into images suggesting arteries and roots which draw the viewer back into past places and memories, and subliminally ally themselves with living things.
“People tend to connect the maps to places with which they are familiar and transfer their own memories and feelings into them” says Eleanor.
In her piece ‘Raise’ a phantasmagorical landscape of a deserted settlement has references to human creation and evolution. It is executed in oil-based pencil and is then re-created into a sculptural piece also called ‘Raise’ using cast plaster with modroc.
Eleanor’s works allow us to reflect on where are we now, where are we going, where have we come from…

Raise by Eleanor Bedlow

Raise, Oil based pencil on paper, 152 x 92cm, 2012

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