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Gillian Swan finds inspiration in the buildings around us

Gillian Swan is drawn to the minutiae of change in the urban environment and records the evolution and transition of structures and places created by people and time. “The processes of wear and alteration to sites add to their individuality and should not automatically be viewed negatively.” she says.

In her exhibition ‘Outlines’ her piece ‘View from the train’ shows instances of graffiti being painted over to remove it and how these areas of ‘buffing’ bring a dimension of their own with their variations of texture, colour and layering. In ‘Wall’ she re-creates a surface discovered in Leyton referencing the vivid colours used to cover the original façade and emulates its texture using plaster and sand. This completely contrasts with the muted colours of the expunged wall graffiti in ’View from the train’. Whilst her work is wall mounted it is three dimensional, including materials such as cardboard, plaster and household emulsion paint. These elements are used to stunning effect in the piece ‘Garages’. One of the larger pieces on show references the mouldings on a terrace of houses in Leytonstone High Street; specific observations of the houses show the individual patinas which have developed in each building. Through her work she challenges the viewer to re-examine the way we consider mutations to our immediate surroundings and perhaps to see them not as degrading but as an evolvement of the original structures.

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