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A Week of Machine Drawing, at The Stone Space

The first week of drawing is now complete at the Stone Space’s Dialogue exhibition featuring work from installation artist Debbie Locke.  The gallery will reopen on Thursday 26th Jan and will run until Sunday 29th.  Visit the stone space during our opening hours, Thurs & Fri 2-6pm, Sat 12-5pm, Sun 12-4pm to see the machines in action.

The ‘Dialogue’ exhibition which opened on Thursday 19th of January features 3 wall-based drawing machines which communicate with each other via Bluetooth technology.

Each machine reacts to a ‘message’ passed from the previous machine, and tries to emulate the mark that it has made. This cycle runs continuously, creating documents as evidence of the process.

Based on clinical data alone, these drawings should be identical, however, by adopting, in part, a ‘Heath Robinson’ approach in the mechanism’s assembly, I can challenge the notion of the infallibility of machines and add an element of play and humour to the work.  This hopefully enables the resulting work to escape the confines of its initial deterministic methodology and achieve the unexpected.  I have been actively encouraging the inclusion of chance and random interference in the process, making it possible for me to study the disparity between logical and irrational behaviour.


About carnegriffiths

Carne Griffiths is an artist who works primarily in fountain pen ink producing automatic and figurative drawings.


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