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Self Seeing by Cos Ahmet

The Stone Space is pleased to present Self Seeing, an exhibition of work by London based artist Cos Ahmet, and follows on from his series ‘Altered State’ presented at the Leytonstone Arts Trail earlier this year.

Self Seeing addresses themes of identity, examining the personal and sexualised self, a subject that is constant in Cos Ahmet’s repertoire of work. Much of these themes are explored through the concept of the shadow, an underlying principle in the Jungian approach to the human psyche. Ahmet became all too aware of his own shadows and exploits this as his manifesto to create these dialogues.

Self Seeing peels back the layers to reveal something Ahmet calls ‘ever-veneers’; undercurrents of dialogue that play with identity and sexuality, using these to form new structures of discourse, resulting in a physical collage of narratives, full of unexplored parables that the artist has yet to address. As Self Seeing moves through an array of media, echoes and trace elements emerge, involving a multi-layering of emotions and experience, shaping these into ‘gestured’, ‘sexualised’ and ‘fragmented’ personalities.

Constructing ‘pseudo-selves’ and altered egos in the form of grafted self-portraits and meta-figurative beings, the mask, a semblance of the artist, presents itself as this inseparable and constant companion, appearing in his work in several guises, presenting new gestures, flirting with previous selves, offering an altered discourse. This mask features in several of these works as the head and symbolises the young ‘past self’ of the artist, placed upon the shoulders of a now older ‘wise self’, giving a mysterious yet compelling look of authority, bearing a smug ego and somewhat arrogant presence.

Although this exhibition has a deliberate ‘personal’ angle, Ahmet’s themes are universal and relate to the obsession that we all have regarding ego, leaving the viewer to contemplate and question their own shadows.

The Stone Space is open Thursday to Friday, 2-6pm, Saturday 12-5pm & Sunday 12-4pm. For further information about the exhibition, please contact the gallery:


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