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Unwrapped Launches

This weekend, the Stone Space opened it’s doors to the public and unveiled it’s first show.  Unwrapped an exhibition of work by local artists, marked the arrival of a gallery on one of Leytonstone’s busier stretches.

Following closely behind the teaser exhibition ‘wrapped’ which marked the arrival of artwork in the space earlier in September, Unwrapped presents a series of work  including pieces by the gallery’s initial curation team and organisers alongside work by guest artists from outside Leytonstone.

We hope you have the chance to visit.
The gallery will be open Thurs & Fri 2pm-6pm Sat 12-5pm and Sunday 12-4pm

The Trees by Gillian Swan

The Trees seeks to question the role of trees as a strategic element in urban planning, specifically the perception of trees as a ‘non-living’ entity – just another form of street furniture.

It's not about what you want (angle) by Hilary Douse

It’s Not Just About What You Want work aims to provoke thought about the frivolous ambitions of consumerism.  The title can be read in many ways: the politics of food distribution to the starving; alongside the denial of global warming by those who want to drive fuel thirsty cars.  The wrapping paper represents our excitement about being given material goods but when unwrapped the deeper issues are revealed.

My Golem by Ashley Scott Fitzgerald

“The title of this piece is My Golem, taken from the Jewish legend of The Golem.
Legend has it that the Golem was made from natural materials, such as earth, clay, water and fire created and brought to life by the local Chief Rabbi to protect the Jewish ghetto from any anti-Semitic attacks in medieval Prague. My idea was to create a creature of similar rawness using clay, wire and acrylic to give this particular ‘Golem’ a contemporary presentation.My Golem has an appearance of being a little lost and vulnerable, yet ready to protect itself, as its own life evolves.”

Beans on Toast by Anita McCullogh

The goods. The bag. The packaging.
Don’t throw it away. I want to keep it.
Magnetise me. Stick around.
I want to look a bit longer.
Now it’s undone.
Was it Best Before?”

Birds by Domingo Arjonilla

‘Symmetry, the natural order. Traditional craftsmanship versus high-tech finishing, woodcarving versus laser cutting, wood versus plastic, watercolour versus industrial paint. Rigid Islamic geometric patterns versus chaotic dress making patterns. Physical objects versus concepts. Unwrapped Beauty. The choice of encapsulating art within a box is neither a random one nor a new idea but it is my small, personal statement. I like artwork you can travel with (the ‘Birds’ flew to Turkey with me), art that can be hidden as easily as it can be displayed, art than can be worshipped and treasured’.

Moving Spaces by Eleanor Bedlow

“This city is created out of the packing material I used to move house. I am interested in the migration of individuals and groups of people and the memories that change and alter as a result. My work often uses imagery of shifting spaces and land both through drawings and sculptures.”

Undergrowth 1 (unwrapped) by Carne Griffiths

My work peels back the layers of the gallery wall to reveal what may have been there years before. The foliage is represented in the style of hand painted wallpaper – a way in which we reintroduce the shapes of nature back into our homes.

Mice by Spencer Gunn

“Let us close our eyes and lie unmasked
And perhaps the ether will pass through us.
X-ray print with ‘Fire’ LUT.”


About carnegriffiths

Carne Griffiths is an artist who works primarily in fountain pen ink producing automatic and figurative drawings.


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