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Unfinished street magic by Anna Jung Seo: 7 September to 1 October 2017

‘Unfinished Street Magic’ features a body of works Anna Jung Seo made 2016-17 in Turps Studio. These paintings focus on the glimpsed, intimate moments between people whom the artist comes across in her daily life, especially around in a street market near her studio in south London. As a Korean artist in London, ‘dislocation’ has been her main interest along with psychological and emotional distance within people and geographical and physical distance between places and people.

Anna’s paintings developed out of an interest in the intimate moments of people, which unveil the different layers of human relationships.

“As a restless storyteller, I am fascinated by the way in which emotions and vulnerability of life can be dramatised into intimate or even awkward moments” Anna says.

This body of works is based upon the short memory following quick observations – sometimes repetitive – through daily encounters. Intrigued by scenes around herself, the artist conveys the vulnerability of these individuals by capturing the intense moments within small-scale paintings. In her practice, immediacy and uncontrolled moments prevail rather than planned process or detachment. On top of these stories, the layering of her narrative embeds and leads one narrative to another from the viewers’ perspective. These small moments are, though ephemeral, strong enough to show the fragmented truth of life.

Anna is a Korean born artist based in London. ‘Unfinished Street Magic’ is her first solo show after completing Turps Painters Studio Programme 2015/17. The artist participated into numerous shows in U.K and France – Florence Trust Summer show with ‘1000 faces from the Korean War’; Sluice Art Fair; collaboration with dancers from LCDS. Although her painting career evolved clearly from her fine art study in City &Guilds of London Art School (2008-2011), her previous study in French Literature(1983- 1999) has richly nourished her visual practice.

  • Private view: Thursday 7 September, 18:30 – 20:00
  • Artist talk: Saturday 9 September, 14:00 – 15:00


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