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A busy week at the gallery…

…with one new show and two events:

CreativeBloc show no.3 – ‘CreativeBloc presents Mark Halliley’ – is opening on Thursday 16 October.

The show by Mark Halliley is entitled Survivors. Mark’s work includes painting and sculptural reliefs using industrial and mechanical found objects. MarkHalliley1

“I put my trust in the materials that confront me because they put me in touch with the unknown” (Robert Rauschenberg)

The private view for Mark’s show is on 16 October, from 6.30 to 8.30pm


Meeting on Sunday 19 October (11.00 to 12.00 noon, at Montmatre Cafe, corner of Harrington Road and Church Lane E11)

We have more information from the council about how the library refurbishment will affect the Stone Space. All Stone Space volunteers and supporters are welcome to come to the organisers’ meeting to discuss how we will work in the near future.

Star wars, aliens and Jiggly Boggly monsters in Leytonstone on 8 June 2013

 uk garrison
The last weekend of the Star Walls art show in Leytonstone will be a great free treat for science fiction, monster and creature fans of all ages.  

The afternoon of creative monster workshops and talks starts at 12.00 on 8 June with UK Garrison Storm Troopers , wookies and other Star Wars inspired characters invading the Stone Space gallery and Church Lane Leytonstone.

The excitement then moves inside to the Library hall for workshops led by animators and artists and talks by experts in the field. Children and adults will be able to join in making monsters and be able to see Storm Troopers and wookies close up.

The talks and discussions will be:

  • 1.00: UK Garrison – an introduction to who they are, what they do and how to get involved as a costumed performer
  • 1.30: Clark Beecroft will talk about creating the character and book ‘Jiggly Boggly and the Gosh monsters’
  • 2.00: Jeff Cox – myths and legends
  • 2.30: Leticia Molera Vasquez – will talk about the anthropology of monsters and aliens.
  • 3.00: Elliott Ashton – introduction and screening of ‘Attack of the Aliens’
  • 3.20: David Tree – international expert will talk about the history of Star Wars toys.

Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Waiting by Alison Chaplin: 21 February – 17 March 2013

Alison Chaplin is a full-time artist living and working in Walthamstow between the Forest and the Town and it is this life-on-the-edges which motivates the set of pictures in her new show.
While travelling in Italy, visiting many churches and galleries, she noticed, in so many paintings and frescos, those liminal characters that live between the edge and the action; the spear-carriers of history. Travelling around locally and in London, she began to notice their contemporary counterparts; the ‘waiting’. And here they are in queues, at bus stops and in train stations; alone or in groups, at the beginning of something or at the end of something. Between the edge and the action, waiting.
The private view is on Thursday 21, 6:30 to 8:30pm.

Stone Space is 1! And our latest call for entries…

On Sunday 14 October an event was held at the Stone Space to celebrate our first birthday! A real achievement. Here are organisers, volunteers and supporters celebrating, on the last day of the TEST show:

Secondly, don’t miss our call for entries to Minutiae! Information is available on our call for entries page and is open until 4 November. It promises to be an exciting group show – join the event on Facebook, and get your entries in!

Wandering Rocks

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Stephen Snoddy, Director of the New Art Gallery in Walsall, has selected work from over 70 artists from The Art Trail 2012  to be part of this group exhibition.

‘it was a pleasure to go on the Leytonstone Art Trail and see so much art activity across all disciplines and to see the community embrace the visual arts. This can only go from strength to strength and I look forward to seeing ‘Wandering Rocks’ at the Stone Space Gallery’. Stephen Snoddy,
 The New Art Gallery, Walsall.

‘Wandering Rocks’ is episode ten of James Joyce’s classic Ulysses. It consists of nineteen short views of characters, major and minor, as they make their way around Dublin in the afternoon. Within each subsection, short, disjunctive paragraphs pop up that depict a simultaneous action in some other part of the city. My concept is that Leytonstone becomes Dublin for the day and that 19 artists are chosen to reflect the day.

Arts Trail Map Exhibition Launches

Arts Trail Map Exhibition

This year’s arts trail is under way and a map exhibition and display have been created in Leytonstone’s new Slate and Stone Space galleries.  The Stone Space has become the headquarters for this year’s trail from 12th – 22nd July and is showing a sample piece of artwork from over 70 artists involved in this year’s trail, with lots of work for sale at a range of prices to suit all budgets.

Head over there to pick up your trail guide and then make your way around the 16 venues that are participating in the 2012 trail. Including ‘Stone Space Projects’, Leytonstone’s new pop up gallery situated just outside the tube station. The ‘As Time Goes By’ exhibition featuring 17 artists, The Red Lion’s group of exhibitions and Norlington Road’s ‘When The Walls Come Down’ featuring over 35 artists. The Hitchcock Hotel, Leytonstone Social Club’s Shadwell Printers exhibition  and many many more.

One Day’s Walk Opens This Thursday

Join us at the stone space this Thursday for the opening evening of 1 Day’s Walk, an exhibition which celebrates Leytonstone. The show features the work of 13 artist’s exhibiting original pieces of work which have also been turned into postcards which will be sold to support the Stone Space gallery.

Many of the visitors to the Olympics this summer will pass through Leytonstone, but the town is so much more than a stepping stone to this year’s olympic games, and we wanted to make sure that we get across the flavour of Leytonstone to visitors!!

Private View opens at 7pm on the 21st June and the exhibition runs from 21 June – 8 July

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What’s going on? @ THE STONE SPACE

The Stone Space proudly presents ‘What’s Going On?’, an exhibition of works by artist Jeff Cox that explores the themes of memory, relationships, birth, sex and loss.

Born in London in 1947, Cox now resides in Leytonstone and works from his studio in Hackney.  He states that painting is a way of attempting to make sense of the world, and is in part a therapeutic activity.

“I wish to involve the viewer in my paintings. To question what is going on.”

Cox uses colour in an emotional and intuitive way, while his forms and compositions explore the area between the abstract and the figurative. He uses the form of the square to imply a sense of order but questions whether there is real order to the world. In a postmodern media-saturated society Cox maintains that painting remains a vital means of expression. While no single style can be dominant, painting is real and direct.

“What can be meaningfully said about art?”

Exhibition dates 31 May – 17 June 2012

Private View Thursday 31 May 18:30 – 21:30

Talks and discussions
Jeff will be at The Stone Space to lead two discussions on contemporary art on Thursday 7th June: 6:30pm and Saturday 16th June 3pm. These events are free to attend and no booking is required.

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